Thursday, 22 November 2012

Two finishes :-)

Finally finished the second pair of gloves for Kaylee (youngest daughter), it's only been a few weeks since they were started :-/

And this is the latch hook kit I bought on Sunday and finished about tea time tonight. My first latch hook attempt. Very pleased with myself :-)

Been a while hasn't it?

Well, looking back it seems like it was February since this was last updated so let's have a wee look at what I've done.

From the top:

This is a little dolly blanket I made from a daft knitting kit (just yarn and needles) for my youngest daughters dolls.

Pair of gloves in baby blue for my youngest daughter also. Pattern was taken from an old early 1940's pattern. Doing a pair in pink also.

Got bored and made muppets out of cravendale bottles.

A belt taken from simply knitting years ago that I finally finished.

Have been teaching myself crochet and this is a phone case I made from a kit.

Knitted Christmas wreath from Let's Get Crafting.

Crochet cushion from a kit.

Knitted cardigan for meeeee

Knitted and crocheted bits from another issue of let's get crafting (sent that picture in to the mag and won £50 hobbycraft vouchers!)

Knitted tea cosy :)

Started a yoga class so made this yoga mat strap from simply knitting.

Christmas baubles

Another crocheted cushion

Crocheted Christmas tea cosy

Skinny scarf from the art of knitting (years ago!) finally finished. Gave to my eldest daughter.

Crochet sleep mask for the MIL

Fingerless gloves for my mum as she liked the ones I made myself and asked for a pair.

Scarf and hat for Nik.

Christmas card for one of my Avon customers

Back of first mentioned crocheted cushion.

And the aforementioned fingerless gloves I made for myself :)

With my hobbycraft vouchers I bought my first latch hook kit. It's almost done and should be finished today!!!!

Until next time :-)