Sunday, 5 February 2012

Another finish!

And it's not a hat. I do have one hat done but it needs sewing up. I have decided to leave the sewing of that hat until the other one is complete. I started that tonight.

My finish in question is my own creation.

I acquired 10 100g balls of Sirdar Bigga about 3 years ago. This yarn is no longer in production so finding a pattern to try and make it in to a blanket was a tough feat and I failed. So I created my very own Warm Linen Stitch Blankie for my son!

After 2 days and now a very sore arm and back ( as I progressed it got heavier so it weighed down my arm and now I have a strain! Lol), my son has a new Blankie. This is a very warm piece so he will benefit from it. It does seem narrow but it does the trick!

Who want to see a picture??? I thought so...

Group in the morning so it's night night for now xxx

- Emz xxx

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