Saturday, 11 February 2012

A Couple Of Weekend Stitchy Finishes

I put the knitting down on Thursday night before bed and haven't picked it up since. I've not lost interest, I was just working on something else.

Last Sunday (5th Feb) after the group (which my MIL attended for the first time), a little purchase was placed. My MIL (from here on in this post shall be known as Mum) & I decided to go into The Works to look at knitting books. Whilst there, we spotted a 'Keepsake Box' kit. This kit included a Stitchable Journal, Threads in white, blue and lavender, a needle threader (a double ended one which can be used for threading your yarn on to a darning needle), two tapestry needles, a 'Stitched By' sticker, a printed perforated card in a self adhesive card frame and a needlepoint guide. Did I mention the stitching is needlepoint? There was two of these boxes left so we both bought one each. Mum's didn't have the card band around hers to show what was included in the box but both had been opened. It wasn't until I got home I noticed the threads and sticker were missing from mine. Mum very kindly gave me hers as she wasn't going to use them.

The picture below shows the finished result. The perforated card and card frame were for the front of the box. So I hope you like it. On the left is the keepsake box with the finished design and on the right is the Stitchable journal.

Mum, if you would like me to stitch yours up then please let me know. There is plenty of those threads left.

Night night for now x

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