Saturday, 7 January 2012

A Wee Finish & A Progress Update

Finally got my replacement yarn from Let's Knit Magazine so I have now managed to make up my Tea Cosy for my mum as a gift!  It's taken me a couple of days but that's what I get for playing my The Sims 3 game while trying to knit!  OOPS!

Little piccie here of it:

'Gumdrop' Tea Cosy

Small progress made on the jacket for my youngest, I really should have more done by now but ALAS... The Sims 3 got in the way again!  So tomorrow (today now) I have promised myself 'NO GAMING' so I can do a lot more on the little one's jacket!

Progress Pic of the back:

Back Of Jacket

But for now I bid a farewell.

Goodnight readers xxx

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